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This Week in Cloud Foundry 20th March 2015

Welcome to another addition of This Week in Cloud Foundry. The CF Summit 2015 in Santa Clara is on the horizon for May 11th and 12th. Call for Papers has already passed but don't forget to register for the event.

  1. Kicking off this week's big news, Matt Stine has published a book with O'Rielly titled Migrating to Cloud Native Application Architectures. You can burn through it in an evening and it's a great read for anyone building applications on top of Cloud Foundry.

  2. Talking of microservices check out Lattice as a resilient sub-structure for your microservice. Think CF for your laptop.

  3. As usual ActiveState have captured the latest Cloud Foundry Advisory Board meeting. Many thanks for alwayse providing solid write-ups.

  4. Pivotal's Dan Mikusa wrote a support related blog on JVM Memory Sizing. Related to memory settings my friend Haydon Ryan has written a blog on increasing the metaspace size in cloud foundry.

  5. The CF Dojo is a great way to learn about both Cloud Foundry development and agile / paired programming principles. It's good so see an additional CF DoJo set up by EMC. More info can also be found here.

  6. CI/CD is one of the many topics associated with Cloud Foundry. This blog from Pivotal talks about CD of CF mobile services.

  7. I'd like to give a shout out to Glyn, Steve and Julz as the goreporcard gave them an A for Garden.

  8. After spending more time with Dr Nic this week I can appreciate the raft of Stark and Wayne ideas and projects that support the CF community. I'm hoping for more blogs soon but his latest blog on scripting the CF API offers some great tips on working with the CF API through cf curl and jq.

  9. It was also good to catch up with HatOfMonkeys in S.F. this week. This has been discussed previously but I've circled back to CloudCredo's blog - by Ed king - on integrating ELK with CF and it's well worth a read if you are looking at log management and storage for CF.

  10. Of note this week, Cloud Foundry is releasing new versions of go, nodejs php, python, and ruby buildpacks to support cflinuxfs2.

  11. I just came across this youtube playlist of Microservices, PaaS and Cloud Foundry. Hours of CF related content for your viewing pleasure.

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This Week in Cloud Foundry 28th February 2015

Welcome to another addition of This Week in Cloud Foundry. After more than two years with Cloud Foundry I've finally had the pleasure of working with Dr Nic. It's good to meet more of the folks who are helping to shape the CF ecosystem. Talking of the ecosystem, kicking off this week we have ActiveState's Fireside Recap of Sam Ramji's insight on Cloud Foundry's Foundation and PaaS.

  1. In addition to Diego one of the hot topics for CF is .NET support. Pivotal's Mark Kropf has blogged about promoting the repos needed to implement windows support in diego-release to the CloudFoundry Incubator org on github.. It's great to see the collaborative effort between Pivotal and CenturyLink reaching another milestone. This will allow the Cloud Foundry community a very early look into this work. It's ready for contributions from the CF OSS community.

  2. In addition to the above Mark Kropf has been busy blogging about The Dev View of CF.

  3. GitHub has created an interesting bot called Hubot that can be used to connect to a multitude of different services such as IRC, Slack, HipChat, Twitter etc. This blog discusses installing the Github Hubot on CloudFoundry.

  4. There have been a number of PaaS comparisons and research papers discussed in the industry recently and these two are worth a read.

  5. BlueMix Dev Advocate Niklas Heidloff discusses Cloud Foundry and Containers. It's worth reading the comments at the end as Tyler Power makes some interesting observations on the perception of containers with respect to I/0.

  6. As discussed previously in this blog, IT automation is a topic that is often coupled with PaaS. This article. In addition Pivotal discussed the topic of CI/CD in Continuous Delivery Among the Donkeys.

  7. For developers, Josh Long has written about The portable Cloud Ready http Session. In addition I've been following the JHipster folks for a while. I was pleased to see them add support for Cloud Foundry a while back. If you want to know more then sign up for this webinar.

  8. Along with Java (Spring/Boot) and Ruby, Go is an integral language for Cloud Foundry. At least CF internals. Altoros have started a blog series on the main concepts of Go.

  9. For node fans Kendrick Coleman has blogged about his experience with writing a Node.js and MongoDB app.

  10. As expected there was another CloudFoundry After Dark.

  11. I'm excited to see more CF meetups pop up. For those in the Portland area Intel will be discussing their private cloud and a Deep Dive into CF Service Brokers. Finally the uber CF meetup of them all is around the corner. Don't forget to submit talks for the CF Summit 2015.

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This Week in Cloud Foundry - February 17th 2015

Welcome to the next installment of This Week in Cloud Foundry. This post is a little bit lengthy and dense, but that just reflects the amount of activity in the CF community during the past seven days.

  1. Last week's biggest news was the appointment of a new CEO for the Cloud Foundry Foundation, Sam Ramji. He joins Cloud Foundry from Apigee, but before that he helped design and lead Microsoft’s open source strategy. ZDNet highlights the fact that Sam has no ties to any of the existing Foundation members by quoting Jim Zemlin, The Linux Foundation's Executive Director:

The growth of the Cloud Foundry project is really phenomenal. When an open-source project is experiencing this kind of growth, it is critical to have a neutral leader in place who can support the project and community and facilitate that momentum.

Also, InfoQ published this insightful interview with James Watters, Christopher Ferris and Dr Nic about Sam's new role. On that same topic, mark your calendar for a fireside chat with Sam hosted by ActiveState on Feb 20th 11 am PT.

  1. The Cloud Foundry After Dark hangout was very interesting. Here are few highlights from the hangout:

  2. Bosh-Lite is a great tool to setup your own minimal (read: not-production) CF installation. Edison Ting wrote up a step-by-step guide to install Bosh-Lite on AWS in just 15 minutes. Bosh-Lite is also handy if you are working on a Bosh release and you want a local Bosh director for a rapid feedback loop.

  3. Talking about Bosh: Andrew Clay Shafer gave this presentation about Bosh at Config Management Camp. I hope there will be a video to that slidedeck, since this one of the best explanations of Bosh that I have ever seen.

  4. There were a few interesting posts about Spring and Cloud Foundry:

  5. There is a new Cloud Foundry CLI plugin from IBM's Simon Leung: the Recorder plugin. It allows you to record and replay a list of commands from the command line. Timothy Spann explains in this post why that might be useful.

  6. Matt Stine is going to teach a training class on cloud-native apps with Spring and Cloud Foundry at the O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference. Besides teaching the basic concepts of CF and Spring, this course will also focus on using Netflix OSS projects like Hysterix, Eureka or Ribbon to build robust and scalable cloud applications.

  7. Three years ago, Jose Valim started working on a new programming language called Elixir. It runs on the ErlangVM and is really good for number crunching. If you want to run an Elixir apps on Cloud Foundry, as of last week you are in luck: Robert Gogolok from Anynines just introduced the Elixir Buildpack for Cloud Foundry.

  8. Simon Johansson from Springer shows us how to use the new firehose to redirect all application logs to a syslog endpoint. He admits his solution is full of hacks and naughty stuff, but it still offers some sample code on how to use the firehose.

  9. Pivotal announced the release of a highly available MySQL service for Pivotal CF based on the Open Source MySQL release. The article goes into depth on how the production-ready MySQL service is setup with MariaDB and Galera to survive certain cases of failure or a split-brain scenario.

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