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This Week in Cloud Foundry - April 9th

This week’s update is a couple of days late as I’ve been onsite installing Cloud Foundry. There have however been some excellent new blogs and demos that I’ve been exploring as part of that work.

  1. First off there have been some changes to the Java Buildpack architecture allowing Java Buildpacks to be packaged for offline use as well as hosting a repository internally on your own network (like your average enterprise would do). Via the Java Buildpack Dependancy Builder it is now easy to replicate the Buildpack’s default repository hosted on S3 onto a local network. This is a really useful feature for people who don’t want to allow CF to have internet access and Ben Hale’s blog post explains these feature in detail. As an aside Ben has previously produced a brief overview of how to create and update custom Buildpacks.

  2. I also worked on the ability to do Blue-Green deployments offering zero application down time. There's lots of info about this well established process, see this post from Martin Fowler for a good overview. Chris Beams wrote a blog on how to use the Cloud Foundry Gradle plugin to support blue-green deployments as a first-class feature with CF. His blog also links to how to get spring-io/sagan the site and reference application running on CF.

  3. I also worked on the ability to connect Cloud Foundry to a Splunk user provided service, via a syslog drain. This youtube video from Matt Stine shows how to set this up.

In other community related news:

  1. Ben Hale announced the creation of the Cloud Foundry Community JBoss Buildpack that was graciously donated by Colin Humphreys from Cloud Credo. The buildpack is a fork of the Java Buildpack, replacing the use of Tomcat as a Servlet container with JBoss AS 7. Colin Humphreys covered it in this blog. We're looking forward to the community contributing improvements as needed. This is not an officially supported buildpack, but the Cloud Foundry Java Experience team will be looking in on it and making sure that it stays up to date with the upstream Java Buildpack. One point to note is that just because JBoss is available, it doesn't mean that full JEE support is. If you are planning on using this Buildpack please make sure you understand the available features and the requirements of writing well designed apps architected for running within a cloud environment. is a good place to start

  2. Angel Diaz wrote an interesting article for Wired, commenting amongst other things on the ubiquitous nature of CF and the benifits of open collaboration.

  3. I’m a huge fan of MQTT and the IOT concept. Contrary to some impressions the IOT phrase has been around for several years now. I remember when Andy Stanford-Clark wired up his entire house using a Micro Broker. So this demo using MQTT running on IBM’s cloudfoundry grabbed my attention.

  4. Phil Whelan wrote an interesting post on Docker and Cloud Foundry. Like Phil, I was fortunate enough to make it to the London PaaS User Group meetup. There Colin Humphreys of CloudCredo gave a demo of Decker, a prototype that Colin has built to use Docker as a backend to Cloud Foundry. David Laing also gave an interesting overview of City Index's logsearch on CF, a development environment with logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana.

  5. On the topic of meetups there’s a CF meetup in Boston tonight.

That's all for now. Before I sign off I would just like to remind you to sign up for the CF Summit 2014 where there is a call for submissions. If there’s anything you would like me to cover next week you can reach me via @duncwinn.

This Week in Cloud Foundry - March 31

Welcome back to another instalment of This Week in Cloud Foundry! It seems like last week was a great week for demos.

  1. Ever wanted to mercilessly kill an app in CF just to see what would happen? Cornelia Davis has put a great demo together running two app instances and then killing one to demonstrate a new instance popping up in its place. You can find it here: Application Restarting in CF.

  2. Ben Hale produced a great demo to show how easy it is to Create and Update Buildpacks in CF.

  3. Matt Stine made this insane video on CF in action. Turn the volume up to 10, neck a double espresso and watch PivotalCF The Future is Now.

  4. Chris Frost wrote a blog on NodeJS on CF.

  5. On a community note plugins are a pretty cool concept for the CLI. There's an open discussion around plugins to discover how members of the community would like to extend the CLI. Check this cloudfoundry/cli discussion to participate.

  6. There's some new documentation that aims to help you validate your target OpenStack in preparation for installing BOSH and deploying Cloud Foundry.

  7. Pivotal released a blog to discuss some of the amazing new capabilities within PCF 1.1, including:

    Improved app event log aggregation
    Buildpack Management
    Monitoring of Pivotal CF components with JMX
    Higher availability
    Simple experience for adding Services
    High velocity deployment and updates for Pivotal HD

    To see more follow this link

  8. Phil Whelan posted a link to this neat diagram showing how apps are deployed in CF. Phil also posted a link to a great overview of CF's new Diego project: Phase 1: Staging in a multiplatform world, and a good overview of the recent Cloud Foundry Advisory Board Meeting.

And finally a valuable point to note, locally to me the LoPUG meetup is this week on the 3rd of April. Look out for a meetup near you for a great community experience. That's all for now. Before I sign off I would just like to remind you to sign up for the CF Summit 2014. If there’s anything you would like me to cover next week you can reach me via @duncwinn.

This Week in Cloud Foundry - March 21

So as this is my first "proper" post in some time I'm going to use this week's roundup to highlight some of the interesting articles and announcements relating to Cloud Foundry that have come out over the last few weeks.

  1. Let's start by covering the Cloud Foundry Foundation. For those who are not aware of the Foundation, these two links from theregister and Pivotal cover it well. The Foundation, made up of Pivotal, VMware, EMC, IBM, HP, SAP, Rackspace and others, provides an open governance model for Cloud Foundry, representing a major bet by the involved vendors that Cloud Foundry is the platform of choice for PaaS. It highlights the increasing importance of the project with broad reaching impacts across different vendors, IT disciplines and developer communities. It also represents an important step towards building an industry-wide open cloud architecture. Clearly for anyone working with Cloud Foundry it's an extremely fast paced and exciting place to be. The creation of the Foundation should only extend and accelerate the project further. If you want to know more then listen to this Cloud Cast

  2. Speaking of communities Cloud Foundry now has 1217 lifetime contributors. Clearly the CF ecosystem rocks!!!

  3. In terms of significant community development it's great to see the BOSH CPI Support for CloudStack. CloudStack is an open source IaaS used by a number of service providers offering public cloud services, and by many companies to provide on-premises (private) and hybrid cloud solutions.

  4. On a technical note, this interesting article from Phil Whelan provides a good overview of etcd and it's involvement within Cloud Foundry.

  5. Matt Stine provided a simple Spring Boot CLI/Groovy application to expertly demonstrate Cloud Foundry app instance scaling.

That's all for now. I've only started to scratch the surface of what's going on in the Cloud Foundry ecosystem. Before I sign off I would just like to remind you to sign up for the CF Summit 2014. If there’s anything you would like me to cover next week you can reach me via @duncwinn.