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This Week in Cloud Foundry June 15th 2015

Core CF and Lattice development

  • As usual, Dieu Cao - the CF runtime Product Owner - posted the release announcement of CF release v211 on the mailing list. Be aware that in this version, there will be no more lucid stack for your apps. Make sure all your apps run on the new cflinuxfs2 stack before you upgrade.
  • Long awaited, we finally can use Async service provisioning. The support for this arrived in CF release v208. Take a look at this post from Shannon Coen on the mailing list for more information. Note: you also have to have at least version v6.11.1 of the CF CLI to use this feature.
  • Talking about services, we also got the announcement of a new version of the CF MySQL release. This new version will make it significantly easier to install an HA MySQL cluster (more precisely: MariaDB) on AWS.
  • Last, but not least, we also have the new version for Lattice, version 0.2.5. Marco Nicosia points out that there is now a community-contributed OpenStack module for Terraform, so that you can deploy Lattice easily on OpenStack.

Using Cloud Foundry

  • Porting a legacy app to Cloud Foundry is no easy task. Josh Kruck provides some valuable guidelines that you should consider before taking on that task. I especially want to highlight his approach for refactoring a legacy app. This is a really good read for every software developer.

  • There are multiple reasons why an application push to Cloud Foundry can fail. Jack Cai from IBM talks about some common causes for failure and how to resolve them. While this post is specifically about BlueMix, it probably applies to most Cloud Foundry installations.

  • Once you succeeded pushing your app, you might need to troubleshoot it remotely. Thanks to Juan Pablo Genovese from Altoros, there is a good guide on how to remote debug your CF apps.

Installing Cloud Foundry

littleidea tweet of the week

As a new feature, we are trying to pick the best tweet from Andrew Clay Shafer (@littleidea). Here is the choice for last week:

If you Bosh it, they will come

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This Week in Cloud Foundry 2nd June 2015


  • There is a lot of noise around Cloud Foundry arriving on Microsoft’s Azure. Microsoft has become the most recent infrastructure-as-a-service provider to embrace Cloud Foundry with the release of a preview implementation. This is another solid milestone for CloudFoundry. Info on trying it out is here.

  • On the topic of Microsoft related tech, HP announced their support for .NET via HP Helion.

  • CFAD was as usual, humorous and thought provoking, especially around microservices (see below). Vote for your favourite time slot (…hint 8:00 PM PST) and read up on the upcoming bosh proposals that were referred to during the hangout. Hopefully Dmitriy will be on next week to discuss all things Bosh. For those who can't stay up late check the new CFIT-Light.

  • There's an explosive growth of CF meetups. Check to find your nearest CF hangout.

  • This CF Summit video sums up the community vision of CF perfectly. In addition to the CFSummit sessions on youtube, there is an interesting Summit Stats Page. The most interesting to me - the CF Summit grew 50% from last year.

  • Pivotal is now offering free hands on classes. This covers an introduction to CF course, a developer course and an install config and manager course.


  • Important news from Pivotal is the release of the Spring Cloud Services (Netflix OSS) Beta for Pivotal Cloud Foundry. This release combines the microservices patterns defined by Netflix OSS alongside Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Why is this important? Well unlike monolith applications, Spring Cloud Microservices decouple change cycles, enabling frequent deploys of small well-tested cohesive components. Find out more in by reading the docs.

  • Forrester provided an interesting overview on the intersection between containers and PaaS in the space of microservices.

Installing Cloud Foundry

  • OpenStack Foundation unveiled it's Community App Catalog. It's similar to the cloud foundry marketplace concept providing a repository for components such as databases, orchestration systems etc. Stackato have now built a Murano Package allowing immediate one-click installation of CF. Nice!

Extending Cloud Foundry

  • My friend Josh Kruck and Guido Westenberg created a nifty CF CLI Plugin to roll traffic from one app to another over a specified time interval. It is useful for blue green deployments or other situations where start / stop is not enough or too abrupt.

  • For all you Python fans out there Dr Nic has blogged about running your own pypi server on CF.

  • Haydon Ryan talks about how to configure Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.4 for AWS to export VM logs to CloudWatch Logs.

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This Week in Cloud Foundry May 13th 2015

This week has been a milestone for Cloud Foundry. There is a huge CF presence at the Open Stack Summit after just completing The Cloud Foundry Summit in Santa Clara which had over 1500 attendees and sixty five technical talks that can be view here. The only downside of the conference was the amount of abuse I got for not releasing a post over the last three weeks. So here goes:

Cloud Foundry Blogs

  • Cornelia Davis wrote a blog on Cloud Foundry Ops. It's a good lesson in avoiding really insidious bugs, why you should avoid using ephemeral ports and why the Platform keeps you safe. You should also go back and her first and second in the series if you've not done so already.

  • On the back of the summit Stephen O'Grady from Redmonk discussed three questions on CF. I love this quote:

The Cloud Foundry Foundation’s primary responsibility should ultimately be to the users, which means ensuring maximum interoperation between competing instances of the project. All of which explains why will be interesting to watch.

Micro Services

  • From the summit I got a lot out of the 90 slides from Andrew Clay Shafer on Devops, microservices and platforms, oh my!. It resonated with Sam Ramji's analogy of the difference in perspective from laying brick, building a wall, to building a Cathedral.

  • In addition to the summit topics there have been a number of good posts on the topic recently. Spring's Oliver Gierk spoke on Spring Cloud at microXchg in Berlin recently and Navrup Johal from Active State posted a solid article on MicroServices Tips and Tricks.

All Things Bosh

  • Bosh plays a crucial role in the CF ecosystem. Recent advances in Bosh are making it easier to use and consume. Dr Nic highlights some of the salient point on Stark and Wayne's journey with all things Bosh. This is a gem of a post for anyone looking for a practical working knowledge of Bosh. An interesting stat: Bosh allows for continuous upgrades, proved out by Cloud Foundry cutting 12 releases in the first 4 months of 2015.

Installing Cloud Foundry, CI, CD, ++

  • Concourse is an interesting project. Dr Nic discusses using concourse for deploying into production. Anyone new to concourse should start with Alex Suraci's talk.

  • Last post we discussed using Terraform to deploy CF to AWS. This time around Chris Weibel from Stark and Wayne brings us Deploying CF on OpenStack using Terraform.

  • Installing CF is one thing but how do you recover from a disaster? In this blog post and video my colleagues and I disccus how to make CF highly available.

Cloud Foundry Foundation

  • Big news the foundation is growing with JPMC becoming the newest member. I also enjoyed listening to the community talks from various foundation members, specifically this talk from GE.

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