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This Week in Cloud Foundry - July 28

Sorry for the delayed posting this week, but (as expected) attendance at OSCON kept us busy, and some major news also meant that we spent a lot of time talking with media and analysts. Expect this post to be longer than usual, and the next one to (probably!) be shorter. Let's dive straight in…

  1. Starting with the big one! On July 24, Pivotal and IBM announced a major collaboration over the Cloud Foundry project. IBM will join the community and provide contributors, while the two companies will also form an advisory board to discuss an open governance framework. IBM has also declared that Cloud Foundry will form part of their "Project Bluemix", and revealed a preview buildpack for their WebSphere Liberty Profile application server runtime. Additionally, both parties announced a new conference - Platform - where developers on the project can meet to discuss future directions and roadmaps. Pivotal also invited direct collaboration via the new Cloud Foundry Dojo program. Check out several blog entries on this stuff: from Pivotal, from James Watters of the Cloud Foundry team, and from IBM's Christopher Ferris, Angel Diaz, and Turbo Todd Watson.

  2. Media coverage of the announcement was extensive. GigaOM said "Cloud Foundry seems to have some big-time momentum going in the PaaS arena" while CloudTech declared "IBM’s partnership with Cloud Foundry will certainly go down as one of the bigger announcements in the cloud computing space this year". Links in no particular order here, but there are lots of write-ups:
    IT Business Edge
    News Factor
    The Register
    WSJ - there are probably other stories we have missed here.

  3. As if the IBM announcement wasn't exciting enough… the Chinese search and advertising giant Baidu de-cloaked as a Cloud Foundry user. Check out the slide deck (Chinese original, English translation) and take a look at the Wired piece on the story.

  4. For more conference goodness, you should take a look at SpringOne 2GX, Sept 9-12 in Santa Clara, California (details of the sessions below, after the news) - lots of Cloud Foundry-related content. Early-bird registration discounts ($200 saving) expire after August 9th, so get in now!

  5. Want to work on Cloud Foundry? Pivotal is hiring! Fancy being a Software Engineer for Identity Services (UAA)? - there are roles for technical writers and product managers, too.

  6. Even more buildpacks! As well as the preview of the IBM WebSphere Liberty buildpack mentioned above, this week, take the Virgo and Jetty buildpacks for a spin. You can also read more about how IBM built the WebSphere Liberty buildpack.

  7. James Bayer wrote up how to deploy Joomla to Cloud Foundry on the community docs wiki.

  8. Matt Stine presented on Cloud Foundry at Überconf, in a talk entitled "It's the End of the Cloud As We Know It" - and I haven't been able to get that song out of my head for a week now…

  9. There were several Cloud Foundry talks at OSCON this past week, including Dr Nic on how to build a Cloud Foundry instance ("Pour Some Sugar On Me"), a BOSH services demo from Jeff Peckham, and an overview of Cloud Foundry and why an Open Source PaaS is the way forward by Andy Piper.

  10. Cornelia Davis wrote an excellent piece on how apps get restarted on CF v2 - as @jambay says, "follow her to get great cf info" - do it!

  11. Dr Nic announced that @i_yudai has added support to bosh-cloudfoundry, on the mailing list.

  12. Our friends from Stackato (specifically their developer evangelist, Phil Whelan) wrote about how to deploy the cf-vagrant-installer on an AWS instance - interesting to note from that post that they are starting to move across to v2 of Cloud Foundry, too. ActiveState also took the time to welcome IBM to the Cloud Foundry community.

  13. Mark Rushakoff tweeted a link to a mailing list discussion on whether to use Resque or Sidekiq for background task processing.

  14. Finally for the news this week, want to keep up with the Cloud Foundry task tracker (Core, BOSH, and Services)? You can find that online.

The next major Cloud Foundry events are the inaugural Platform conference in Santa Clara, immediately followed by the annual SpringOne 2GX event at the same venue.

Platform is intended to attract developers and organisations who want to work on the next steps and roadmap for Cloud Foundry, and is a short and targeted event. If you are more interested in what is happening in Cloud Foundry as a user, then SpringOne 2GX should not be missed.

Check out these great sessions with the Cloud Foundry experts at SpringOne 2GX…

Again, remember that early-bird registration discounts (offering a $200 saving) expire after August 9th - so go register!

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